Wia Stegeman

photo Richard Lahuis

My work consists of installations, photographs, drawings and paintings. I am a multidisciplinary artist and research the open dimension that is located for, over and around rules, the comprehensive dimension in ourselves and in the cosmos (O.D.Duintjer, 1977) in the experience of reality.
In my work I examine the experience of art in relation to the reality in which the landscape and nature are recurring themes.
Each discipline gives me a different understanding of the experience of reality. The different disciplines feed each other. Sensitivity and vulnerability are characteristics of my work and of the workprocess, and are connected to the experience of the comprehensive dimension.

In installations, I create experiences at a particular location to connect with the comprehensive dimension. Interactions with the landscape/nature and the passing of time wake up these experiences.
The influence of the weather (sun, wind, color of the day …) give sensory experiences of moments which are always different and call the longing for what has been or is to come.
In pictures moments are captured. Photos show experiences and interactions that complement the sensory experiences at the site. Sometimes I process multiple photos to another spatial dimension.
The installations are built with contemporary materials from building supplies and packaging industry.

Paintings and drawings are created  in response to experiences in the landscape/nature. Homemade pictures of an experience at any given time give rise to the works. The visual experience that has manifested itself, is changed by working with charcoal and paint.

Photography: The series of night photos are taken in a dark rural area with sparse light sources. The landscape is more palpable than visible. I illuminate the black photographs by photo editing and the tactile experiences become visually.