Landing stage unsuitable for boats


Materials and construction: beams, 220 tile battens (4x2cm), 4620 PEstrings each 250cm long, staples. Height from 50cm up to 280cm, width 360 cm to 790 cm, length 1050cm

Location: The dike at the Reestdal on the border of IJhorst and De Wijk, next to the cemetery of De Wijk.

Description: All PEstrings are stapled on the tile battens in the same way, at the same distance. At the high part of the installation the strings just touch the grass, at the lower parts the strings are located on the bottom with grasses. The PEstrings are corrugated. They are ranked as running water of the dike off down. Depending on the wind a smaller or larger part of the strings are blowing and form patterns in the wind due to the increasing length of the strings lying on the ground. Depending on the sun and the position of the sun the white strings capture and reflect the light.