Installation of wood, plastic bags filled with dune water and polypack PE lines
Size: 3 identical houses of 3.30/2.70/3.30m.
Total dimensions 15/15m

With co-operation of Greg Que.

In the dunes of the island Ameland where in former days 2 villages have disappeared in the sea, three identical skeletons of houses have been built.
In the installation the history of the place affects the present times: the current problems of building new houses in nature areas on the islands.
In the houses hundreds of long plastic white lines(PE) hang at the same distance. On each line one plastic bag filled with filtered dune water hangs as a weight in the form of a drop. The hundreds of plastic bags hang in a level that is parallel to the relief of the ground and the relief is repeated in the installation.
When the wind is blowing, the bags move in patterns that refers to the waves of the sea. The lines beneath the bags move in patterns that are related to the movements in the grasses in the dunes. Because of the strict organization of the houses, the lines and the bags, there originates a rhythmic game of movements.