Installation of pvc-tube, hundreds of plastic bags filled with clear filtered groundwater, iron, tierips
Size: 9 igloos of different size. The biggest one: 2.50m high , diameter 4.00m.
The total dimension is 20m/20m

Settlement has been inspired by the history of the place and environmental issues in present times.
It has been built in the ancient landscape of Drenthe (Hijkerveld), province of the Netherlands . The first nomads built their settlement here after the last ice age.
Settlement consists of 9 identical “melted” igloos of different size.
The hundreds of plastic bags have been filled with clear, filtered groundwater. This water has been melted once after the ice age and eventually has been found in the circular course of water and now it has been used in settlement.
The landscape is hundreds of times and upside down present in the installation.
The igloos move in the wind like bellydancers, just like the bushes and the tops of the trees.
Depending on the view direction you could see a little rainbow in the water of every plastic bag caused by the working of prism and also in the dew in the grass.