Reminiscens – Family home

Two installations of mirror lathes
Size: 4.50m / 4.00m / 2.35m and 8.00m / 4.00m / 2.35m

Reminiscens: Thinking back, picking up on a more or less vivid and emotionally charged manner and / or dwelling upon memories of past events.

The Museum houses artifacts from the history of Heerenveen and is located in the Heerenveensche School. There is a garden with an old teahouse.
The installation is inspired on the family home. The installation is located in the exhibition halls in the museum. The installation consists of the contours of the reconstructed rooms of the childhood home of the artist. The way the rooms are built and the physical experience of it, refer to the experience of the size and the mental experience of the rooms in a family home.