Little Pond


Installation made of 90 mirror slats ranging in length from 30cm to 240 cm, each slat is 4 cm wide. Total length installation: till 700 cm, wide till 500 cm

Location: Stephanus Church Beilen, the Netherlands

Sources of inspiration: the organ and the architecture of the church, the nature around Beilen. Theme of the whole exhibition: Freedom of Spirit

Part of the speech, held at the installation during the church service on May 5, 2016 memorial Liberationday:
“The theme for Feast of the Spirit 2016 is Freedom of Spirit. Freedom of spirit means to me the experience of space. In nature in this environment, I find this at the borders of a reflecting small pond, where the world is visually twice as big. Space can be seen as real physical space, but also as a psychological / mental space. With this little pond of mirror slats I created an extra space here in the church. In your mind, you can enter this mirrored space of the church. Because of the structure of the mirror slats space is hard to overlook. Sometimes you see, when you walk along the installation, a glimpse of this immeasurable space. Looking down you can experience the depth.
This extra space is related to the space inside yourself.