Installation in an abondoned asylumcentre


Installation of wooden lathes, on two sides plastered with plate-glass. Each lath 2.20/0.04m
Size: 5m/2.20m and 9m/2.20m

The installation consists of 2 constructions with lathes in two rooms of an abandoned asylum centre.
In the first room the construction has been placed in the middle of two identical walls.
Because the construction has been placed symmetrical in the room, it is nearly invisible and it seems to be one room. In reality there is a rhythmic pattern of real space and mirrored space. What is in front of you and what is behind (view direction) merges into one image. Because of this you experience space in another way.
When you walk along the construction you have a cinematic experience, just as the photographs of Muybridge and you feel as if you are drowning in space.
If you are standing in front of the construction, it is as if you see yourself at the other side of the construction. This gives a strange split feeling as if your consciousness is on this side and your body at the other side of the bars.
In the second room the construction has been placed in the middle of 2 not identical walls and mirror lathes have been placed against the wall too. Because of this, new visual spaces appear in a surrounding that looks like a prison.