Inner chambers

Two installations, rooms made of mirror lathes
Size: each room 3.50m / 4.00m / 2.35m

In Auxiliatrixpark two installations have been made, consisting of rooms that suggest an interior space. The walls of the rooms, made of mirrors, reflect the outdoor environment: inside is outside and outside is inside. The rooms have walls made out of the outside. The way the rooms are created and the physical experience of the rooms refer to the mental perception of this place: the park and the care center.

One installation consists of two mirrored rooms. In one of the rooms the spectator may walk in and undergo a cinematic experience of the park. It gives a feeling of unreality by the disappearance and appearance of their own reflection in the room. In the other room there is an empty mirror outline of a human figure made of mirror strips immersing in the rhythm of the room.

The second installation consists of a closed room with a few narrow openings through which the visitor can look inside. The room is full planted with blue flowers. The flower carpet in this space is endlessly reflected in the mirrors and reflects the blue sky. The blue room is unattainable and can only visually be seen from certain angles.