hidden S P A C E S

In cooperation with Greg Que
Installation of white drawing paper, wood, black latex paint, plate-glass
Size 10m/6m/2.20m

The installation is a duplication of room 25 of the project space of artists initiative DeFKA. One half of the installation is the original room and the other half is a reconstructed chamber 25. The partition between the two chambers acts as a mirror.
In room 25 there are two cabinets and there are hidden spaces: a safe and the space behind the ceiling tiles. The reconstructed room is made of white drawing paper and is entirely folded. The hidden space behind the ceiling tiles is revealed in the reconstruction and is painted black. The safe is made of small mirrors: it is a hidden jewel in which new hidden spaces are showed.
In the second phase of the project we projected elements of the original room with the aid of the computer on the walls of drawing paper in the reconstructed room.