Hanging water

Artificial Landscapes
Artificial Landscape 2: Hanging Water


Installation of wood, PE lines, thousands of plastic bags filled with water
Size: 11/7/2.50m

The installation has been commissioned by De Galerij, Drachten: the gallery in Theatre De Lawei. The installation has been made because of the theme “Water” for the programme of the theatre.

The installation is a wooden cubic construction. Thousands of PE lines hang at the same distance on the wooden lathes. On each line hangs one plastic bag filled with the same amount of clear water.

The installation has been placed in the trajectory of the low winter sunbeams that comes through the windows. Exactly where a sunbeam strikes the PE line the plastic bag with water has been hung and the rest of the line has been cut off which fell on the floor. The pattern in which the water drop-shaped bags were hanging in the installation, refers to light waves. The lamps inside and outside and the lights of the cars that passed by, reflected in the water bags and illuminated the installation at night.