Handkerchiefs drying in the Wind

Installation of 1200 sewn white handkerchiefs
Size: 60m x 20m x 2.50m

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The installation has the size of one of the caisson, that closed the last hole in the dykes after the Flood disaster in 1953 and where the Flood Museum is been housed nowadays. The 1200 handkerchiefs have the size of a farmer handkerchief and are all sewn by women from Zeeland from that area, who survived the Flood. The handkerchiefs refer to the immense grief that the Flood has caused. The tears in the handkerchiefs dry here in the wind. The handkerchiefs in the installation move like a sea of white blowing. On some handkerchiefs were stamped motifs from Zeeland costume.

This project was possible thanks to the indispensable help of Co, Corrie, Ria, Geertje, Maddy, Meta, Lieke, Martie, Pia, Nella, Janny, Corrie, Ine, Coby, Hilda, Atie, Hilda, Nelleke, Nel, Rina, Miep, Grietha, Heleen, Adrie and Reina.