Breathing cube

Artificial Landscapes
Artifcial Landscape 1: Breathing cube

Installation of wood, staples, 10.000 PE lines all 3.00 m long
Size: 30/12m and a variable height of 0.50- 3.00m

In the dunes of the isle Ameland an oblong wooden cubic construction has been built around a dune.
10.000 white plastic lines (PE) hang to the lathes of the cube. Each line has a length of 3.00m.
The lines are as long as the depth of the dune valley next to the installation.
The length and the surface of the lines reflect the size of space next to the installation.
Each line similarly has been stapled on to the lath at the same distance.
This strictly geometric rhythm in the installation becomes a world of its own and interacts with the natural rhythm in the dunes.
Each weather type causes another image of the installation. When the wind is blowing the lines move in contrast with the grasses. When the wind has abated, the lines lay down on the ground in patterns that are suggestive of the structures in the sand on the beach, caused by the wind.
When the sun is shining, new graphical patterns of lines and planes appear.
Depending of the view direction the installation is an opaque glittering massive white block or it is entirely transparent.